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Young Sheldon Season 7 Might Be Its Last Thanks To Big Bang Theory Canon

From “The Big Bang Theory” canon, fans of “Young Sheldon” know that at 14 years old, Sheldon Cooper moves from his birthplace of Medford, Texas to Pasadena, California, where he attends CalTech University. This time in his life is also turbulent for his family, with his brother Georgie (Montana Jordan) getting married and his father George (Lance Barber) dying that same year. While “Young Sheldon” could theoretically continue in the wake of each of these developments, Sheldon’s move and these major changes to his family life would make for a fundamentally different show.

When “Young Sheldon” ends, then, seems contingent not necessarily on its episode count, but when in the series’ run these events take place. At its current pace, these things should happen in Season 7. Of course, there’s nothing stopping the producers of “Young Sheldon” from slowing down and drawing out this final year-or-so of Sheldon’s childhood in Texas to encompass more episodes than has been usual for such a length of time. Nevertheless, based on the pace of its story and executive producer Steve Holland’s comments, “Young Sheldon” is concluding soon, and if not at the end of Season 7, then most likely in the next couple of years.

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