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Yellowstone's Jefferson White Calls Cole Hauser The 'Scariest Guy On Set'

Speaking to US Weekly (via YouTube) about his co-stars on “Yellowstone,” Jefferson White had nothing but good things to say about Cole Hauser — whose character traits align with his character in the best way — and he admits that Hauser absolutely terrifies him. Without hesitation, White described Hauser as, “Probably the scariest guy on set for me.” Even so, Hauser’s strong presence also exists off-camera. White praised his co-star, saying, “For Cole, he’s such a leader. Rip is such a leader, but Cole is also such a leader.”

Of course, as with all great leaders, they’re worth following. It seems that just like the character he played on the show, White sees Hauser in the same light as Jimmy does with Rip. “I’m always trying to learn from Cole. I really look up to him in the same way that, like, Jimmy looks up to Rip. I really look up to Cole.” Thankfully, with no mention of branding in real life, White added one surprising thing about Hauser: he has a knack for humor on the rare occasion it’s written for Rip.

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