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Yellowstone's Cole Hauser Was Honored To Find A Rip Wheeler Costume At A Halloween Store

For Cole Hauser, coming across a Rip Wheeler costume last year inside a Halloween store was one of the most resounding moments of his career — with it making him realize just how big his “Yellowstone” stardom had gotten.

“To see a Rip Wheeler costume was very surreal for all of us,” recalled Hauser’s wife, Cynthia Daniel, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “That was a big moment,” she said, noting how they were with their kids at the time. “It’s pretty cool,” Hauser added. “It’s kind of an honor in a way…and I would never change it for anything in the world.”

Anyone looking to buy a Rip Wheeler costume — for either Halloween or a simple dress-up party, perhaps — can find his signature black threads at Spirit Halloween stores or online. Hat, gloves, pants, belt, and shoes are not included, though, which likely won’t be a problem for “Yellowstone” fans. Just keep in mind that you might not be the only one to have that idea.

“My Halloween costume last night was Rip Wheeler from Yellowstone because it meant I could literally just wear the same clothes I wear everyday but add a cowboy hat,” wrote Chicago radio producer Shane Riordan in a tweet last year. “There were 6 Rips at the party I was at, including myself,” replied another user.

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