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Why Mary Queen Of Scots From The Serpent Queen Looks So Familiar

Aside from historical dramas, Antonia Clarke is quite fond of the horror genre. Although she admits she’s not immune to getting frightened by scary films and plays, she simultaneously finds them entertaining. “There is an element of fun in scaring yourself. I remember seeing ‘Woman in Black’ on stage, and that freaked me out for life,” she said in an interview with BBC. 

Clarke appeared in several horror movies, including “The Thirteenth Tale,” “Anna,” and “Altar.” Originally titled “Haunting of Radcliffe House,” “Altar” is a film for which Clarke got the most recognition. She portrayed Penny Hamilton, the main character’s daughter. Her filmography suggests that horror and drama are the genres Clarke feels most comfortable in, but more recently, the actress also played a few significant roles in comedies, such as “Book of Love” and “All My Friends Hate Me.” 

With the role of Mary Queen of Scots in “The Serpent Queen,” Clarke has the chance to showcase her talent and advance her career with what is shaping up to be her biggest gig to date.

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