Why I Won’t Be Watching World Cup Games – Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp, has revealed that he would not be watching the World Cup games due to poor timing and other Issues linked to the World Cup tournament.

The German boss plans to take a vacation during the group stage matches in Qatar and then spend the remaining time with the club’s non-participating players in a warm-weather training camp in Dubai.

On Friday, Klopp first resisted talking about the World Cup, but he finally broke his silence and said that the 32 national teams’ players and coaches shouldn’t be subjected to a bombardment of political questions while they are in Russia to play football.

There was no denying his overall ambivalence about the event, which was heightened when he rewatched a documentary on the circumstances behind Qatar’s selection to host the World Cup in 2010.

“I will watch the games but it is different,” he said.

“I watched an old documentary about the whole situation, about when it got announced that Russia and Qatar are the places for the next World Cups. I think it was the first time in history they announced two in one go.” stressed the German.

An increasing number of famous players pulling out during the build-up, and the problem of players’ welfare has also infuriated Klopp.

“I hate this subject. These problems were so clear – so clear! – and nobody mentioned it until three weeks before the World Cup. Nobody cares about us (football managers and players) and how we feel.

“The players who get injured and cannot play, it is a disaster. But how can we change that now?” he said.

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