Why I now pay the bill while on dates with men – Nigerian lady

Nigerian media personality and Influencer, Oiza has revealed why she now handles bill payment whenever she goes on dates with men.

She recounted an unpleasant and embarrassing experience with a guy who had challenges paying when they went out together.

Oiza said that he ran short of funds and wanted to transfer money from one f his accounts to the one that he had a card for, but his phone went off in the process.

According to the lady, she was so broke when that occured but the incident is what motivated her to vow never to be that helpless and unsupportive.

She explained that she started sponsoring her dates and even went on a date-paying spree with men just to wipe off the shame of that experience.

Oiza wrote; “My first dinner date. I told my guy I’ve never had a proper dinner date, on Val’s day he took me to RSVP.

“The bill came, it was more than the money on his card; he was doing a transfer from another account to the card account when his phone went off. I felt useless.

“I was so broke I couldn’t help. Promised myself never again! I don’t ever want to be that woman that couldn’t say “oh let’s use my card” or “here is some cash for balance”

“Went on date paying spree with guys after then, maybe to wash off that first dinner shame.”

In related news, comedian and actor, Stanley Chibunna, popularly known as Funny Bone has said that acting does not pay his bills, so it is something he does for passion.

He said that he enjoys doing standup comedy as much as being in a movie, but he prefers performing comedy on stage.

The comic act stated this in an interview while talking about how he juggles being in both the comedy and movie industry.

Funny Bone also dismissed the perception that many actors are stereotyped in the industry, as what is happening is that the Nollywood stars are taking up roles they are comfortable with.

He said; “I enjoy doing stand-up comedy, as much as I enjoy being an actor. I am a trained actor, who studied Theatre Arts in school. Acting was my first love but I prefer doing stand-up. Stand-up comedy comes naturally to me.”

On the matter of stereotyping, the comedian added; “I don’t think actors are being pinned to particular roles. It also about the actors doing what they are comfortable with. Acting does not pay my bills. It is actually something I do for the passion; so, if I must do it, it must add value to my brand as a comedian.

“When I am really ready to do acting, I will take on roles that would show my range, depth and the profundity of my character. For now, I just do what I can do, as long as it adds value to my brand.”

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