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Who Played Detective Rey Curtis On Law & Order?

Benjamin Bratt played Detective Rey Curtis in 98 episodes of “Law & Order.” He was a leading cast member starting Season 6 in 1995, and his tour of duty would last four years ending in Season 9 in 1999. His final run earned him a Primetime Emmy nomination. But he couldn’t stay away from the character forever, as Bratt would reprise the role in a guest appearance two decades later in the entry “Fed” from Season 20.

While there is no denying Bratt’s time on “Law & Order” is a strong candidate for one of his most significant career accomplishments, the actor has an assortment of other worthwhile achievements in the industry. Besides “Law & Order,” Bratt has lent his talents to other notable TV shows like “24: Live Another Day,” “Private Practice,” “Modern Family,” and Peacock’s “Poker Face.” But his exploits have not been limited to the realm of television. His noteworthy endeavors on the big screen include big-name titles like “Demolition Man,” “Miss Congeniality,” “Traffic,” and “Coco.” He’s even been in the MCU as Jonathan Pangborn in “Doctor Strange.”

While he has many top-rated titles on Rotten Tomatoes, Bratt will never forget his time on “Law & Order,” where he learned a lot about acting and life, especially from his co-star Jerry Orbach. Between the recognition, acclaim, and good friends gathered along the way, his time on the popular police procedural seems to have been very rewarding. While he wasn’t the biggest player on the series, Rey Curtis will always be a significant part of the show’s iconic legacy.

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