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Who Is Sandeep Singh Killer Who Shot Shiv Sena Leader Sudhir Suri Dead In Amritsar As Video Goes Viral

Sudhir Suri who was protesting was shot recently in Amritsar and the man who is accused of being the killer of the Shiv Sena leader is Sandeep Singh with the death video viral

Sudhir Suri who is a Shiv Sena leader was shot in the state of Punjab in Amritsar, India. This incident occurred outside a temple in the city as the Shiv Sena leaders were demonstrating outside the temple when a man named Sandeep Singh from the crowd allegedly shot Suri.

Know Who Is Sandeep Singh Killer Who Shot Shiv Sena Leader Sudhir Suri Dead In Amritsar As Video Goes Viral

Who is Sandeep Singh

Sandeep Singh shot Sudhir Suri multiple times and he ultimately killed him and he died on the spot. Sandeep Singh was in the crowd that was formed during the protest. Sandeep is presently under police officials.

“The firearm has been recovered, and moreover all the investigation is underway,” city police and chief commissioner, Mr. Arun Pal Singh stated, without offering any details on Singh’s motive behind shooting Sudhir Suri.

The Shiv Sena leaders were staging in a sit-in protest against the temple authorities after some broken idols were found in the trash outside the temple premises. The incident took place at the Gopal temple which is situated on Amritsar’s Majitha Road. Suresh Suri was being attended to by a few of his supporters; others were seen firing a gun into the air. The Shiv Sena chief was attacked while speaking with police officials.

The accused Sandeep Singh after firing 3 rounds at Sudhur Suri went inside the building. He was later on apprehended by police officials. Suri was seemingly on a hit list and he was already being protected by the twelve Punjab Police officers.

Sudhir Suri

Sudhir Suri made news headlines last year after being arrested on the grounds of stirring religious emotions and also using very abusive language towards a specific demographic. He had uploaded a video on social media in which he and several of his friends can be heard making remarks about the neighborhood.

Sudhir Suri was well known for his views on Sikhs. He ran issues directed against Sikh organizations and Khalistan advocates in particular. The police officials have not given any official statement in the Suri murder case yet.

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