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Who Is Nyyxxii New Girlfriend Of Twitch Streamer xQc, Her Age, Height, Bio And Instagram

Twitch streamer xQc recently introduced his new girlfriend Nyyxxii during a live stream, know her bio and height

Read below to know more about Nyyxxii.

Prior to Nyyxxii who is a Canadian content creator, streamer xQc was in a relationship with Adept aka Sam. The 2 of them had a very public breakup in September 2022.

Know Who Is Nyyxxii New Girlfriend Of Twitch Streamer xQc, Her Age, Height, Bio And Instagram

Who Is Nyyxxii, Her Age, Professional Career And Social Media

The name of Twitch streamer xQc’s new girlfriend is Nyyxxii and Just like her boyfriend Felix, Nyyxxii is also a Twitch streamer and also content creator by profession. Nyyxxii hails from England. Presently she is just 23 years old as of 2022 with her height at 5 feet 3 inches.

Moreover, Nyyxxii has more than 300k followers on her official video live-streaming handle. Nyyxxii’s one of the newest live stream on the platform saw the light of day nearly 8 days ago. In a big majority of her streams, Nyyxxii can be seen chitchatting with her followers.

Apart from Twitch Nyyxxii also has a YouTube channel. Nyyxxii has around 17,000 followers on the handle. Nyyxxii is also pretty active on Instagram and she also has a fan following of 100k followers on the photo and video-sharing platform.

When you scroll through the Instagram feed of the Twitch streamer, there one can find a couple of gorgeous pictures of her. Many pictures are from her graduation day and a few snaps of her with close friends and family members.

Nyyxxii is a social media star in making. Her Streams Charts reports that as of right now, Nyyxxii has 887 presently active subscriptions and her income net worth is estimated to be $785  to $2,319. She has 628 patrons on Patreon.

Nyyxxii And xQc

xQc introduced his new girlfriend on a Livestream. This famous content creator and British streamer introduced his new girlfriend during a live stream that took place on 1st of November. xQc made their relationship official on Tuesday.

It has been said that xQc revealed the identity of his new girlfriend just a couple of days after he was denying speculations that he was back together with his ex-girlfriend Adept. During xQc’s most recent Livestream, he kissed his new girlfriend several times and they were seen blushing around each other too.

xQc and his new girlfriend Nyyxxii are pretty goofy with each other and during the Livestream. Nyyxxii even lifted xQc up a number of times and they both looked comfortable in each other’s company.

xQc And Adept

xQc and his ex-girlfriend broke up in public and xQc declared the news of their split on the 15th of September. At that time he stated, “I had to make a choice, I was too much cornered into choosing between family and Sammy, Adept. And unluckily, what happened is that, I cannot just ‘choose’ family, just because that’s just, I don’t know, saying it was my fault.”

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