Who Is DeuxMoi? DeuxMoi Identity Revealed

Who Is DeuxMoi?

DeuxMoi is an instagram account which publishes gossip about celebrities. They continuously upload celebrities’ private life secrets to the media. Sometimes it may be true, and sometimes, it may be false. However, this page always shares famous persons’ details and affairs.

DeuxMoi was initially launched in 2013 and used as a fashion blog by two musketeers. One of the ex-Journalists of New York Magazine found the page’s author. Meggie Kemper is one of this account’s authors and was the granddaughter of NYC swell Nan Kempner. Model Kristina Romanova participated in the account’s early stages and tagged @deuxmoi and @mkempsyo. Later Feldman discovered Meggie Kempner is the fashion entrepreneur of @mkempsyo.

However, all the private accounts of @mkempsyo and @mlovallo12 have been deleted. 

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Who Runs Deuxmoi?

After a deep search of journalist Brain Feldman, ex-New York magazine found both authors of DeuxMoi on May 20, 2022. The authors are Meggie Kemper and Melissa Lovallo. It began as a lifestyle and fashion brand account in 2013 but was twisted in March 2020. During the lockdown, the page became a gossip page for celebrities.

In the quarantine, people became bored with seeing the facts around them. This mindset of people gave a blow to the gossip page. Nevertheless, by uploading a gossip story, DeuxMoi reached 1.6 million followers in 2022. Event the information is true or false, people are interested to hear the gossip story of their favourite celebrity.

It publishes rumours, gossip, celebrity behaviour, and new projects without limit. However, being the primary source of gossip stories, the DeuxMoi said, “statements made on this account have not been independently confirmed. Furthermore, this account does not claim any information published is based in fact.”

Not only gossip but also posts about the blog of restaurants, hotels, destinations, hairstyles and doctors on the “Sunday Spotted” page. It helps to discover new places and things for the followers. It also helps to book reservations in high-class hotels.

Reference Source: The Michigan Daily.

DeuxMoi Instagram

DeuxMoi is a gossip page on instagram. This page is aimed at gossiping about celebrities without any limits. The page has posted 1,305 posts. It has 1.6m followers and 1,596 followings on instagram. The page function in the name “deuxmoi” on Instagram. In the account’s bio, they mentioned “curators of pop culture: some statements made on this account have not been independently confirmed. This account does not claim information published is based on fact.


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DeuxMoi Identity Revealed

After long research, an ex-journalist of the New York magazine Feldman found the runner of the DeuxMoi page. Itwas runned by two women Meggie Kemper and Melissa Lovallo.

Meggie Kempner

Meggie Kempner is a granddaughter of Nan Kempner and a fashion entrepreneur of @mkempsyo. She was the first runner of the page, initially starting in 2013 as a fashion page.

Melissa Lovallo

In 2013, on Instagram, Model Anastassia Khozissova shared a photo tagging @mkempsyo, @mlovallo12- to Melissa’s account @deuxmoi in a post it reveals that the page is running with the support of all together. When Feldman went through the page, he said all signs of mentioned persons were deleted from the internet, but the remains. So Feldman confirmed that Melissa Lovallo was also a second runner on the page. So Melissa Lovallo and Meggie Kempner turned their personal social media accounts into private ones.

In 2020, Hailey Bieber also doubted that she also a runner on the page. But it was confirmed Meggie and Melissa were runners of the page, and Hailey just liked the post there shared.

Reference Source: Just Jared.

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