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Who Is Agastya Chauhan? Pro Rider 1000 Real Name Wikipedia And Age, Family

It is very sad to share that Agastya Chauhan is now more and his death news is gathering so much attention on social media pages. If you still thinking that who is he and why his death news is getting so much popularity on the internet and news then we clear that he was the Pro Rider 1000. Now many readers know about him and if still you don’t know about him then stay linked with this article. Here in this article, we are going to share the whole information about him and also discuss his death.

He was mostly known as the Pro Rider 1000 and now he died in a terrible accident. He has a large number of fans on his social media pages and he is also running a youtube channel with the name “PRO RIDER 1000”. He was a resident of Uttarakhand, India, and his channel was dedicated to creating professional videos while riding his bike. It is coming out that he was involved in a terrible accident and died after getting major injuries. He was confirmed dead at the incident scene where his accident happened.

Who Is Agastya Chauhan?

His exact age is not confirmed because his date of birth is not revealed yet but it is said that he was 24 years old at the time of his death. He always thinks about safety and is careful while riding but he died when he was going to attempt to make a record of 300 mph for the first time. He had a great interest n bike riding from an early age and gained too much popularity for motorcycle videos on his Youtube Channel. Agastya Chauhan was an active user of social media and nao many of his fans are expensing their sorrows for his demise. There is not much information about his personal life.

The bike which he was riding at the time of his accident is identified as a modified ZX10R superbike. Social media is flooded with tributes and many social media users expressed their sorrows for his loss. His sudden and unexpected death broke the heart of his family members, friends, loved ones, fans, and the biking community. There is not much information has been announced or shared by his family members related to his death. We will update our article after getting more information about him and his death.

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