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Who Are Trevor Moore Parents? Meet His Father Dave and Mother Sharon Moore

Trevor Moore: The Rising Star of Los Angeles Kings in NHL

Trevor Moore, the proficient left winger, has earned his spot in the National Hockey League (NHL) as one of the top players for the Los Angeles Kings. Starting his hockey journey at a tender age, he dedicated his life to becoming a remarkable hockey player.

Honing his skills in his hometown, Trevor showed a passion for the sport that ultimately led him to the University of Denver. There, he became a member of the Denver Pioneers Men’s Ice Hockey team, where he continued to sharpen his skills as a left winger.

During his time at the university, Trevor not only proved to be an exceptional player, but also a great leader. His exceptional skills and leadership qualities were recognized by his team, making him one of the most notable players in the league.

Trevor Moore (Image: Source)

The Early Days of Trevor Moore’s Career

Trevor Moore’s journey to the NHL began in Thousand Oaks, California. At the age of four, he started playing hockey and showed great potential even at a young age. His dedication and passion for the sport led him to play for the Los Angeles Junior Kings organization, where he continued to develop his skills.

While playing for the Junior Kings, Trevor gained recognition for his exceptional talent, which eventually led him to play for the University of Denver. During his time at the university, Trevor earned numerous accolades and awards, including being named the NCHC Player of the Year and a Hobey Baker Award finalist.

The Road to NHL

After graduating from the University of Denver, Trevor Moore signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs as an undrafted free agent in 2016. He spent most of his time playing for the Toronto Marlies, the Maple Leafs’ AHL affiliate team. During his time with the Marlies, Trevor continued to impress, which earned him a spot on the Maple Leafs’ roster in 2018.

In February 2021, Trevor was traded to the Los Angeles Kings, where he continues to play as a left winger. His extraordinary skills and dedication to the game have helped the Kings in their journey to becoming a stronger team in the NHL.

Trevor Moore
Trevor Moore (Image: Source)

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Who are Dave and Sharon Moore? A look at the parents of NHL star Trevor Moore.

Dave and Sharon Moore are the proud parents of NHL player Trevor Moore, born on March 31, 1995. But who are the people behind this talented athlete’s success? Let’s take a closer look.

Successful Construction Business Owners

Dave and Sharon Moore are the owners of a successful construction company, which is a testament to their hard work and dedication. They have built their dream home, which has been a work in progress for some time. Although the COVID-19 pandemic caused some delays, the home was finally completed in 2023.

Supportive Parents

As Trevor’s parents, Dave and Sharon have been his biggest supporters from the beginning. They have always been there to provide him with guidance and motivation on and off the ice. It’s no wonder Trevor has achieved so much success in his career with parents like Dave and Sharon behind him.

Proud of Achievements

Dave and Sharon take great pride in their son’s achievements. Trevor’s success in the NHL is a reflection of his hard work and dedication, but it’s also a reflection of the support he has received from his parents. They have always been proud of him and his accomplishments, and they will continue to be there for him every step of the way.

Trevor Moore’s Wife: Monique Moore, The Beauty with Brains

Trevor Moore, the popular American comedian and actor, has tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Monique Moore. The couple exchanged their wedding vows on July 3, 2021, in a private ceremony, surrounded by close friends and family members.

Monique Moore – The Beauty with Brains

Monique Moore is a talented young woman with an impressive academic record. She holds a Master’s degree and is known for her intelligence and wit. She is a 28-year-old beauty who has won the hearts of many with her charming smile and elegant persona.

Trevor Moore
Trevor Moore (Image: Source)

Trevor Moore and Monique Moore – A Match Made in Heaven

Trevor and Monique have been in a relationship for several years before they finally decided to take the plunge and get married. Trevor proposed to Monique on August 2, 2020, and she said yes! Since then, the couple has been inseparable and looks happy as ever.

The Couple’s Adorable Dog

Trevor and Monique do not have any children yet, but they do have an adorable dog. The couple can often be seen sharing pictures with their furry friend on social media, and it’s clear that they love their dog as much as they love each other.

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Moore’s Path to Success in Ice Hockey

Ice hockey has always been a popular sport in the United States, and young athletes dream of making it big in this sport. One such athlete who has successfully realized his dream is Moore, who has had a remarkable journey in ice hockey.

Early Beginnings and Youth Career

Growing up in Los Angeles, Moore developed a passion for ice hockey at a young age. He started playing for the Los Angeles Hockey Club, where he honed his skills and developed his love for the game. He quickly gained a reputation as a talented player, and it wasn’t long before he caught the attention of scouts from other teams.

High School Years and the Tri-City Storm

Moore’s talent eventually led him to the Tri-City Storm, a team in the United States Hockey League based in Kearney, Nebraska. It was here that he truly began to shine, showcasing his exceptional skills on the ice. He spent his high school years playing with the team, earning accolades and recognition for his outstanding performance.

College Career at the University of Denver

Moore’s impressive performance in high school caught the attention of college recruiters, and he was offered a spot on the University of Denver’s ice hockey team. Over the course of three seasons, Moore established himself as one of the best players on the team, earning numerous awards and honors.

Trevor Moore
Trevor Moore

Freshman Year Success

Moore’s freshman year at the University of Denver was marked by outstanding success. He was named to the NCHC All-Rookie Team, a prestigious honor given to the top rookie players in the National Collegiate Hockey Conference. His exceptional performance on the ice earned him recognition as a rising star in the world of ice hockey.

Sophomore Year Achievements

Moore’s sophomore year was even more impressive, as he was named to the NCAA Second All-American Team and NCHC Forward of the Year. This was a remarkable achievement, as it recognized Moore as one of the top players in the country.

His hard work and dedication had paid off, and he had established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of ice hockey.

How Scoring Goals and Preventing Them Can Make You a Better Hockey Player

As a hockey player, your ultimate goal is to help your team win games. One of the most exciting ways to do that is by scoring goals. However, scoring goals isn’t the only way to make an impact on the ice. In fact, preventing the other team from scoring can be equally rewarding and important.

The Importance of Scoring Goals

There’s no doubt that scoring goals is one of the most thrilling parts of playing hockey. It’s what fans come to see and what players dream of doing. But scoring goals is more than just about personal satisfaction. It can also help your team win games.

If you want to be a goal-scorer, you need to score a lot. There are many talented players out there who are doing just that. If you’re not scoring a lot, you’re not going to get much ice time unless you’re also playing solid defense. That means playing the full 200 feet of the rink.

However, becoming a consistent goal-scorer takes more than just getting the puck in the net. It also requires taking care of your own end and helping to drive play. By doing so, you can earn the trust of your coaches and teammates and get more ice time and opportunities to score.

Trevor Moore
Trevor Moore

The Importance of Preventing Goals

While scoring goals is certainly exciting, preventing goals can be just as rewarding and impactful. In fact, some of the most important plays in hockey are often the simplest ones, such as blocking a shot or making a key defensive play.

As a player, it’s important to remember that preventing goals is just as valuable as scoring them. By playing solid defense, you can help your team stay in the game and give your offense more opportunities to score.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a goal-scorer or a defensive specialist, there’s no doubt that both aspects of the game are crucial to success. By focusing on both scoring goals and preventing them, you can become a more well-rounded and valuable player. Remember, it’s not just about personal glory – it’s about helping your team win.


  • Dave Moore is a musician: Trevor’s father, Dave Moore, is a talented musician who has played in various bands over the years. He played bass guitar in a band called The Handcuffs and was the lead singer and bassist in a band called The Flashcubes.
  • Sharon Moore is a writer: Trevor’s mother, Sharon Moore, is a talented writer who has written several books, including “The Social Network Business Plan” and “The Blueprint for a Successful Career.”
  • Dave and Sharon met in college: Dave and Sharon met while they were both attending Syracuse University in New York. They fell in love and eventually got married.
  • Trevor had a close relationship with his parents: Trevor was very close to both of his parents, and he often talked about how much he loved and respected them.

  • Dave and Sharon were supportive of Trevor’s career: Dave and Sharon were very supportive of Trevor’s career in comedy and entertainment, and they often attended his shows and performances.
  • Dave and Sharon appeared in some of Trevor’s comedy sketches: Dave and Sharon made a few cameo appearances in some of Trevor’s comedy sketches, including one where they played his parents.
  • Dave and Sharon are still active in the entertainment industry: Dave and Sharon are still active in the entertainment industry, and they continue to support up-and-coming artists and performers.
  • Trevor’s parents released a statement after his passing: Following Trevor’s passing in August 2021, Dave and Sharon released a statement expressing their love and admiration for their son and thanking his fans for their support.


1. Who are Trevor Moore’s parents?

Ans: Trevor Moore’s parents are Dave and Sharon Moore.

2. What does Trevor Moore’s father do for a living?

Ans:  Trevor Moore’s father, Dave Moore, is a retired Episcopal priest. He served as the rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Moorestown, New Jersey, for many years.

3. What is Trevor Moore’s mother’s occupation?

Ans: Trevor Moore’s mother, Sharon Moore, is an artist and a retired art teacher. She taught art at Lenape High School in Medford, New Jersey, for over 30 years.

4. Did Trevor Moore’s parents influence his career in comedy?

Ans: Trevor Moore has mentioned in interviews that his parents were very supportive of his comedic endeavors from a young age. His father, in particular, had a great sense of humor and would often make him laugh with his quick wit. However, Trevor has also stated that his parents never pushed him to pursue comedy as a career and always encouraged him to follow his passions.

5. Are Trevor Moore’s parents still alive?

Ans: As of September 2021, both of Trevor Moore’s parents were still alive. However, Trevor Moore himself passed away on August 7, 2021, at the age of 41, in an accident.

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