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Where Was Liam Neeson’s Crime Thriller ‘Marlowe’ Filmed?

There are a lot of buzzworthy movies hitting theaters over the next few months. But for fans of film noir, Marlowe is a definite must-see. Starring film icon Liam Neeson, Marlowe is a crime thriller that calls to mind detective films of old. The project marks a change of pace for Neeson, who has been acting primarily in violent action films over the past few years. Marlowe was a true labor of love for Neeson. He worked with the production to film prime scenes in exotic locations all over the world, including Spain and Ireland.

‘Marlowe’ debuted in theaters on February 15

Marlowe tells the story of Neeson’s hardboiled fictional detective Philip Marlowe. A glamorous heiress, played by Diane Kruger, hires him to find her ex-boyfriend after he mysteriously goes missing. In addition to Neeson and Kruger, Marlowe features Jessica Lange, Alan Cumming, and Danny Huston. Set in 1939, the film recalls the film noirs of old, all while injecting fresh energy into the beloved genre.

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