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Where Did 1923 Film Its African Scenes?

Thankfully, all of the African scenes from “1923” were genuinely shot in Africa, as confirmed by actor Brendan Sklenar during an interview with Collider. In the interview, he discussed his experiences shooting in different locations across the continent.

“We shot all over South Africa,” Sklenar said. “Cape Town, Durban, Djibouti. Shot in Kenya for a bit, and then we ended in Europe.” 

Sklenar went on to discuss how Spencer and Alexandra’s island hideaway in Episode 4 — which is supposedly in Zanzibar — is actually located in Kenya, since filming there was much easier than taking the extra trip to Zanzibar. Although it’s common knowledge that many film and television productions don’t always shoot on location, it’s clear the team behind “1923” felt it necessary to ground Spencer’s journey actually in Africa.

What’s more, it seems as though the production traveled the exact same path as Alexandra and Spencer as they left Africa, arriving in Europe just like the characters did following their freezing tugboat accident. It’s nice to know that most of the gorgeous landscapes seen throughout Spencer’s journey are shot on location, and that the series itself does an excellent job of presenting Africa’s natural beauty.

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