WhatsApp users can no longer send one-time messages on desktop, know why

WhatsApp users can no longer send one-time messages on desktop, know why

WhatsApp, a messaging app from Meta, no longer allows desktop users to send messages once viewed. WaBetaInfo, a website that analyzes the rollout of current and future WhatsApp features, claims that desktop users can no longer send and open messages with a single click. The WhatsApp Web/Desktop (Electron version), WhatsApp for Windows (Universal Windows Platform), and WhatsApp beta for Mac are all covered (Native Catalyst app).

According to the report, the screenshot blocking feature would not work with the “View Once” feature, so it was decided to remove it from the desktop. Sending messages with the view once option adds an extra layer of security. On a PC, the view once messages can be opened and screenshots can be taken, but on a smartphone, the view once messages cannot be taken. This may have violated the sender’s privacy. (Also read: Wipro Announces 100% Variable Employee Remuneration in Q2

Recent upgrades to WhatsApp have prevented the recipient from taking a screenshot of a message after opening it on a PC. Despite this, they can still take a screenshot of the message once viewed with a separate phone. Therefore, be careful when sending messages or media to other WhatsApp users.

To improve the user experience, WhatsApp has built in four new features. The ability to set up in-chat polls is included, along with features such as Communities on WhatsApp, 32-person video conferencing, groups with up to 1024 members, and more.

WhatsApp Communities is a huge feature that is rolling out right now, as you may recall. These are close-knit groups, so they need more tools to organize and manage their communications. It is now possible to organize group conversations on WhatsApp by joining multiple groups under a single banner in places such as neighborhoods, workplaces and parents at school. Group admins will set up and oversee communities on WhatsApp. To choose which groups are part of their community, administrators can also create new groups or join existing groups.


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