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Whatever Happened To ScreenMend After Shark Tank?

Lori Grenier is known as “the QVC Queen” for good reason. A year after the Hooks family appeared on “Shark Tank,” they returned to provide an update. In that time, Grenier used her QVC connections to great effect, filming an infomercial for ScreenMend along with Emma.

As the Hooks explained during their initial pitch, the Hooks invented ScreenMend about three years before they went on “Shark Tank.” In that time, they sold a mere 750 units at $6.95 per, for about $4,000 in sales. Within just ten minutes of their QVC appearance, they sold out of all 32,000 units–which, on QVC, were sold at $18.16. Since “Shark Tank,” ScreenMend did about $900,000 in sales.

Greiner also helped the Hooks get into several stores. At the time of their “Shark Tank” pitch, the Hooks had only secured a provisional patent, not a utility patent. While Bed, Bath & Beyond and Home Depot showed interest in their product, their packaging was a sticking point. They were also still operating out of their family garage. With Grenier’s help, the Hooks were able to secure improved packaging, which got them on not just Bed, Bath & Beyond’s and Home Depot’s shelves, but those of Lowe’s and Ace Hardware as well. Even better, Grenier helped them secure a manufacturing facility.

According to Lori Greiner’s website, in the six years since the Hooks’ “Shark Tank” episode aired, ScreenMend has done $18 million in sales. We’ll call that an unqualified “Shark Tank” success story.

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