What To Avoid Doing In The Bahamas: A Beginner’s Guide & More News Headlines


Millions of travelers are lured to beautiful sandy beaches, top-notch accommodations, colorful shops, and scuba diving excursions in over 700 islands that constitute the Bahamas. There is something for everyone in this destination, thanks to the wide range of activities the chain of islands has to offer. Preserved areas like the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve in Eleuthera and Lucayan National Park on the island of Grand Bahama are paradises for naturists. Ancient ruins and artifacts dating back to the colonial period, where historians can get lost in some long incredible history. While almost every interest and taste is represented in the Bahamas, travelers should avoid some things when visiting this destination.


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Time Of The Year To Avoid Visiting The Bahamas

While the Bahamas boasts of splendid weather year-round, visitors should avoid traveling to the destination during certain times of the year.


While spring seems to be the perfect time of the year to escape the overwhelming snow and freezing temperatures in the U.S., it also means travelers shouldn’t travel at that time, especially if one is looking to stay on a budget when exploring the Bahamas. Travelers should avoid vacating the Bahamas during the spring break as the season accompanies wild parties and a hike in the prices of hotels and flights. If one is looking for a relaxing vacation in the Caribbean, then they should wait until spring break is over.

The Hurricane

Hurricane is more likely to take place in August, September, and October, making this period the worst time of the year to think of visiting the Bahamas. The hurricanes are more likely to affect the Grand Bahama, Andros, and Abaco islands, and many visitors try to avoid vacating during this time. The National Hurricane Center Website is a good resource for finding information about hurricanes in the Bahamas.


Christmas and New Year’s Eve mark the beginning of the Bahamas’ high tourist season. During this period, travelers will face trouble finding comfortable accommodation in the region, unless they make reservations at least three months before visiting. This is not a favorable time of the year to travel to the Bahamas if one would like to avoid the high prices. Maybe tour this region from mid-January, which is usually calm, and is perfect for relaxing and enjoying lower prices.


Easter is another peak time of the year to explore the Bahamas. The national holidays, the Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday come with most of the locals closing their restaurants and shops. Many public services are also inaccessible at this time, leading to a challenging vacation. Travelers who visit the Bahamas at this time may end up spending all their time in the hotel or resort as most services, even the popular attractions are inaccessible during the holidays. Those looking to experience and get lost in its deep-rooted culture should explore the area at this time. They should spend the Easter holiday with family and friends, not in the Bahamas.

Tourist Traps To Avoid In The Bahamas

Being the capital of the Bahamas, many travelers strive to make their way into Nassau, especially for its spectacular beaches. Also, its accessibility, especially when it comes to getting there on a flight, makes it an obvious vacation destination choice for many tourists. Travelers should avoid visiting beaches in Nassau unless they are ready to deal with many crowds of other visiting flocking the beaches. Over three and a half million visitors arrive at Nassau, one million by air and the other two and a half by sea.

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Rookie Mistakes To Avoid In The Bahamas

Offering an idyllic getaway with stunning beaches, a plethora of relaxing vacation activities, and crystal-clear waters, the Bahamas is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Northern America. However, the first time in the Bahamas can be a lot for travelers, especially if they are not aware of what to avoid while visiting there. These tips will help visitors stay safe while in the Bahamas and make the most of their travel experience:

  • Avoid Boarding Unlicensed Taxis When Getting Around the Country. Whether moving around from the airport or the hotel, tourists should ensure the taxis they are hopping in are licensed. It is also important that travelers, bargain for a fair charge while in those vehicles. And since most of the Bahamas’ taxis don’t use meters, making payments can be challenging, and agreeing on an amount will help one stay out of a tough situation.
  • Expecting Promptness In The Bahamas. The locals on the island live an extremely relaxed lifestyle, and this can be tricky for visitors expecting punctuality on their first-time visit. The laid-back atmosphere helps tourists to be in the holiday spirit. The Bahamas is very different from New York or any other destination, and services won’t be as fast. The transportation options and guided tours will not depart at the specified time and restaurants tends to be slow in delivering services.
  • Avoid Doing Business With The Local Beach Vendors. Travelers should be cautious about buying anything offered to them by the beach vendors. Beach vendors in the Bahamas sell everything, from water bottles to jet-ski rentals to drugs, sometimes. These vendors may offer equipment that doesn’t operate efficiently. Since water sports are not properly regulated in the Bahamas, visitors should consider the precautions before transacting with the beach vendors. Moreover, most of these vendors do not have the expertise to resolve issues, suppose things go wrong at the beach.
  • Avoid Walking Alone At Night. Travelers should avoid wandering alone at night while vacating in the Bahamas, especially in areas poorly-lit, such as beaches and streets. While nightclubs allow visitors to witness the culture of the Bahamas, it is advisable to always stay in heavily densely populated regions, and join groups to walk together.

Generally, the Bahamas is a great vacation destination, and many travelers love the culture and the vibrancy. Visitors should avoid these mistakes and enjoy staying in this beautiful tourist spot.

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