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What Rotten Tomatoes Reviews Are Saying About Mrs. Davis

Of the 25 “Mrs. Davis” reviews currently posted on Rotten Tomatoes, an impressive 23 of them are positive, with critics roundly praising the series’ inventiveness and boundless energy. Writing for The Hollywood Reporter, Angie Han called “Mrs. Davis” “bracingly, deliriously original.” In a similar vein, Collider’s Carly Lane added, “Mrs. Davis, refreshingly, isn’t operating on the same level as any other show out there. In fact, it’s playing in a league all its own.”

Even positive reviews weren’t without their small quibbles, and most critics agreed that the maximalist mode of storytelling and breathless pace can edge towards exhaustion. “Such lunacy sometimes outstrips its ability to tell a totally cohesive story,” wrote Alison Herman for Variety.

Overall, however, that chaotic, YOLO energy works in the show’s favor. “It may not have the smooth competence of many streaming binges,” wrote James Poniewozik for the New York Times. “But sometimes you gotta choose chaos.” Alan Sepinwall also endorsed the show’s throwing-everything-at-the-wall spirit. “[It’s] as if no one involved quite knows exactly what they are making, or at least how to make what they want,” he wrote in his review for Rolling Stone. “But it’s fascinating, charming, frequently hilarious, and at times surprisingly moving to watch them try.”

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