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What Parents Should Know Before Letting Their Kids Watch Cocaine Bear

It goes without saying that “Cocaine Bear” is not for children; the movie is rated R, and for good reason. The trailer for “Cocaine Bear” on YouTube features death, blood, bear attacks, and many references to illegal substances. Rolling Stone notes in their review that “‘Cocaine Bear’ has more coke and gore than a night with Charlie Sheen,” while several other websites that focus on what is suitable for children have taken a much more diplomatic approach to describe “Cocaine Bear.” 

Common Sense Media considers the film more of a violent gag than a movie and reports that the R-rated action comedy is full of drugs, violence, and profanity. Similarly, Lola Lambchops feels like the language and violence is definitely too much for young children, but added that the gore and violence-obsessed teenager might find some joy. This website goes on to mention one of the scenes in the movie and said that audiences will be treated to copious amounts of drug use. 

Echoing the above sentiments, No Guilt Fan Girl also points out the violence and profanity but clarifies that there isn’t any sexual content, which in their opinion, makes “Cocaine Bear” acceptable for teenagers who have already been exposed to violent slasher-style films, as long as they have parental permission. So, this may come as a complete surprise, but the R-rated “Cocaine Bear” requires a certain degree of maturity to enjoy.

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