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What Is The Song In Google's Security Commercial?

The song in Google’s new commercial about their security features is called “Security” by the soul/R&B singer Etta James. “Security” appeared on her 1968 album “Tell Mama.” The song is available on YouTube, Apple Music, and Pandora. 

This song is actually a cover of the song “Security” by Otis Redding, which was released in 1964. Obviously, this song is not really about online security because the internet did not exist when the piece was created. In the rest of the song, the lyrics reveal that Etta James is actually singing about wanting and needing security in love. She describes love as being uncertain because it involves another person, not just yourself. Nonetheless, she feels a need to know that love is certain and secure. 

Regardless of the rest of the song, the clip that is included in Google’s commercial certainly fits well thematically. 

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