What Is the Net Worth of Dan Hardy, and Why Was He Fired From the UFC?

What Is the Net Worth of Dan Hardy, and Why Was He Fired From the UFC?

It is estimated that former mixed martial arts fighter Dan Hardy has a net worth of $3 million as a result of his decade-long career in the sport.

In Nottingham, England, he began his training in various forms of martial arts when he was just 5 years old. Hardy began his competitive taekwondo career when he was just seven years old. Taekwondo was his primary area of study.

In the sport of mixed martial arts, he competed in the welterweight division. During his professional mixed martial arts career, he was affiliated with numerous promotions such as Cage Force and Care Warriors.

Nottingham-born In 2008, Dan became a member of the UFC by signing a contract. At his debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), he competed against Akihiro Gono and emerged victorious by way of a split decision.

He has also been very vocal in his criticism of trophy hunting over the past few years, going so far as to call Matt Hughes “bad for the sport” for his participation in trophy hunts both in the United States and internationally.

In 2015, Hardy was a member of the Great Britain sailing team that participated in the first leg of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Dan Hardy

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How Rich Is The UFC Champion, Dan Hardy? What Is His Net Worth?

Since beginning his career in mixed martial arts in 2004, Dan Hardy has amassed an estimated net worth of three million dollars.

When he was a teenager, the six-foot-tall fighter started his training in various forms of martial arts, including Karate, Jujutsu, Judo, and eventually Wushu.

After finishing his study at college at the age of 19, Hardy began training in the combat sports of Muay Thai and boxing. After waiting another year, he began training in mixed martial arts.

His alias, “The Outlaw,” comes from the internet identity he used when searching for a training partner after a quarrel with a coach led to the expulsion of his prior training companions. This conflict caused him to be kicked out of the group he had been training with.

At one minute and nine seconds into the first round of their fight on February 21, 2009, he finished Rory Markham with a counter left hook that was clean.

At UFC 99, which took place on June 13, 2009, he competed against Marcus Davis. The Irish-American Davis’ victory over local boxers in the UK led to the beginning of the rivalry between the two parties. Davis’ victory outraged all of the local fighters.

Things took a more personal turn when Hardy began calling Davis a fake Irishman and comparing Davis’ website to that of a Saint Patrick’s Day gift shop.

At UFC 105, which took place on November 14, 2009, he faced off against Mike Swick, who was filling in for the injured Dong Hyun Kim.

In a press conference that took place in Manchester, Dan revealed that he was the underdog heading into the fight. Despite this, he was successful in knocking out Swick with a straight right hand early in the first round, which appeared to damage the confidence of the American.

As a result of his victory in the fight, which was decided by a unanimous decision (30–27, 30–27, and 29–28), he has solidified his position as the leading contender for the UFC Welterweight Championship.



Why did Dan Hardy Lose His Job at the UFC?

According to information provided by the website mmamania.com, Dan Hardy was let go by the UFC and BT Sports in the spring of 2021 following an altercation with female employees in Abu Dhabi.

Later, the fighter denied that he had been dismissed and insisted that he was no longer directly employed by the UFC, which rendered the previous statement regarding the female element irrelevant.

He added that it was unclear whether the opportunity had been missed or not, and he expressed his desire to have some answers despite his inability to come up with any. He made the announcement that he would be released from his bout engagement with the UFC in May of 2021.

The man, now 40 years old, has spent many years working as a member of the commentary team and on the BT Sport network. After that, he took up the play-by-play responsibilities for the many different European promotion cards.

Dan Hardy, a former member of the commentary crew for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is having trouble getting along with Dana White, the president of the UFC.

When he yelled at the referee Herb Dean to stop a fight between Francisco Trinaldo and Jai Herbert in the beginning of July 2020, he was the final straw that caused him to lose the promotion.

According to a recent article that was published on Bloody Elbow, Hardy has been having issues with the UFC and with Dana White, the president of the organisation, for some time now.

The veteran UFC commentator responded to Dana’s remarks in the most recent post-fight video blog for UFC 280. Hardy commented that he finds it implausible that the marketing would represent the facts that transpired around his firing as demeaning a woman. He was referring to the circumstances behind his firing.

In addition to this, he criticised Dana’s most recent business initiative, which the Nevada Athletic Commission had only recently given the green light to regulate.

Dana, Lorenzo, and a number of executives who have been with Ultimate Fighter and the Ultimate Fighting Championship for a long time have come together to create a new television show that will be centred on the cult combat sports sensation.

Hardy didn’t waste any time when it came to leaving his audience with what was essentially a ticket to untreated brain damage.

Career Of Dan Hardy

As a result of his MMA career, Hardy has made millions of dollars.

After eight years competing in Mixed Martial Arts, Dan Hardy’s career earnings must be in the millions of dollars at this point (MMA).

At UFC 11, which took place in Newark, New Jersey, on March 27, 2010, he competed against Canadian fighter George St-Pierre for the welterweight championship. In the bout, he was defeated by St. Pierre by way of a unanimous decision.

Recently, the retired fighter gave an interview in which he discussed his title fight with George St-Piere, who is in the UFC Hall of Fame. However, the specifics of his pay were not disclosed.

Hardy was given $24,000 for his one and only opportunity at the UFC championship, which was less than what GSP was being paid for his preparation at the time.

Hardy, who was given a diagnosis of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome in 2013, chose to ignore the recommendation that she receive therapy for the disorder.

Dan fought Carlos Condit at UFC 120 on October 16, 2010, in his home country of the United States of America, but he was victorious. At the UFC on Versus 5 event held on August 11, 2011, he also competed against Chris Lytle.

At UFC 146 on May 26, 2012, Hardy competed against Duane Ludwig and won the fight with a well timed left hook in the opening round. Hardy went on to defeat Ludwig.

At UFC on Fuel TV 5 on the 29th of September, 2012, he competed against Amir Sadollah and emerged victorious by way of unanimous decision (29–28, 29–28, and 30–27).

Dan Hardy’s Compensation for His Role as a UFC Commentator

It was estimated that Dan Hardy’s compensation as a UFC analyst would be $384,000, which is a considerable amount of money but a lot less than his fellow countryman Michael Bisping’s income of $1.46 million.

After being diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, Dan Hardy took the opportunity to join the UFC as a commentator for their Fight Pass events while he was sidelined. Then, in addition to that, he works for Fox Sports as an analyst.

In August of 2017, the former mixed martial arts boxer joined Sky Sports as an analyst for the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight.



After being diagnosed with Wolff–Parkinson–White disease, Hardy began working as a commentator for Fox Sports.

On the 15th of August, 2019, he was a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience, and during his appearance, he revealed that he would be entering the USADA testing pool in order to qualify for the fight.

During his time as a commentator for the second Polaris Squads event, Hardy said that he planned to compete in a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight for the last time in the UFC at some point in 2021. This fight would be his final one.

Former UFC Contender Hardy House And Endorsement

Dan Hardy, a former competitor in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, might own several opulent homes in England. Nevertheless, the specifics of his income and properties have not been made publically available anywhere.

As can be seen from his Instagram feed, he maintains an extravagant lifestyle and frequently embarks on pricey excursions.

After signing endorsement deals with a number of different sports brands, he must have amassed a considerable fortune. Following the signing of an exclusive promotional arrangement, he was once employed by XYIENCE in the capacity of serving as their brand ambassador.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has designated this company’s energy drink as the official beverage of the competition. Hardy fought Georges St-Pierre in the main event of UFC 111 in 2010, and he was the brand’s representative in that fight.

Because of his relationship with the company, promotional and marketing efforts may now be developed that capitalise on the athlete’s expertise in the areas of nutrition and fitness.

Dan Hardy
Dan Hardy

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Quick Facts:

Full Name Daniel Mark Hardy
Nickname Dan Hardy
Age 40 years old
Birth Date 17 May 1982
Place of birth Nottingham, England
Profession MMA artist
Height 6 feet (183 centimeters)
Weight 170 lb (77 kg)
Division Welterweight
Fighting out of Nottingham, England
Father Mark Hardy


How Old Is Former MMA Fighter Dan Hardy?

Former MMA fighter Dan Hardy is now 40 years old, born to his parents in Nottingham, England, on 17 May 1982.

Who Are Dan Hardy Parents?

Dan Hardy is the son of Mark Hardy and Mrs. Hardy. Until now, his mother’s identity hasn’t been uncovered. He was raised by his parents alongside his younger sister in Nottingham, England.

When Did Dan Hardy Begin His MMA Career?

Dan Hardy began his MMA career in 2004 and fought in the bout for eight years in the welterweight division. He was popularly known among his fans by the moniker “The Outlaw.”

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