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What Happened to The Beatles’ Friend Astrid Kirchherr After the Group Left Hamburg?

The Beatles‘ friend Astrid Kirchherr was one of the few people who got to see them in their early days. She had a front-row seat throughout their residency in Hamburg, Germany, and witnessed their raw talent many times. The German photographer helped the band too. Without her, The Beatles would’ve had a terrible time abroad. Here’s what happened to Kirchherr, one of the most important people in The Beatles’ early years.

The Beatles and their friend Astrid Kirchherr | Max Scheler – K & K/Getty Images

The Beatles’ friend Astrid Kirchherr helped them during their residency in Hamburg

In 1960, The Beatles left for one of the naughtiest cities in the world, Hamburg, Germany. Their first manager, Allan Williams, set up their residency at Bruno Koschmider’s Indra Club and the Kaiserkeller, where German artist Klaus Voormann first saw them perform.

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