Video: Why many ladies are single nowadays – Rapper CDQ explains

Nigerian Hip Hop act, Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf, aka CDQ, has asserted that the reason many ladies are single in the modern age is largely because of bad friends.

He said a good number of women follow bad friends or listen to bad advice from those in their circle and they are not discerning enough to know whether it is good to apply to their personal lives.

CDQ explained how ‘ill assumptions’ make it difficult for the women folk to find and keep a man. According to him, when a guy is wooing a lady, he goes above and beyond to prove his love, so he buys her gifts, sends money, calls or sends messages frequently, however when she eventually falls for him and all those things reduce, the girl starts to think he was just playing her or doesn’t love her anymore.

The rapper said it is wrong to assume that a man stopped loving you simply because the momentum of he used in expressing himself in the early stage reduced, rather he decided to focus on hustle since he was already achieved one goal which was to get the lady.

He explained that men are wired in a way that all they think about is hustling, but they pause it momentarily to chase a woman and when they get her, they decided to resume the hustle but it doesn’t mean they don’t value or cherish their lovers anymore.

CDQ further said ladies are wired to be more interested in love and emotions as opposed to how men are wired.

Watch him speak below:

In reaction, wendypeterschere said; Okay, when you were wooing me, you didn’t realize you were busy until you got me and changed?….If you are not going to be consistent with your feelings, honestly leave me alone, I don’t have that emotional strength to be assuming and understanding….T for thanks!!

trevbil; Y’all should leave single people alone. Not everyone wants to be in a relationship. Also, for some, being single helps them focus and grow themselves and finances. Summary: being in a relationship isn’t always the better option.

veevogee; Then don’t start what you can’t finish. Be yourself. Anyone who loves you that way would definitely succumb

boujeeyyyy; You and the men you are describing are all mad

barrrie_; Why did you reduce what you started ?

suga_chix; Funny how it’s people that are not even husband material that like to give their 2cents 😭😂

official.ivy_yandel; Don’t introduce anyone to a vibe you cannot be consistent with! Love people rightly or leave them tf alone!!!!

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