VIDEO: Hoarder Deposits 20-Year-Old Bales Of N200 Notes In Bank Days After CBN Plan To Redesign Naira

In the latest video, Nigerians spotted bundles of unspent N200 notes, printed in 2003, about 19-years-ago, brought to the bank as the rush to beat CBN deadlines hots up.

In the video, a bank cashier in one of the banks filmed the notes neatly packed according to their serial numbers brought to the bank for deposit.

“You can see that these notes have not been spent, a female voice said in the video as she fiddled through them, revealing the year they were minted.

According to her, the people who brought the cash for the deposit are trying to beat the CBN deadline and avoid being caught unawares.

Analysts believe introducing unspent naira notes into circulation is the reason for the crash of the naira, as there is a glut of the local currency in the market.

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