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TV Shows That Caused Serious Damage To Actors' Bodies

Simon Cowell’s standing in pop culture at this point in history is more related to his reputation as a caustic judge on numerous talent programs than to his actual day job as a record label head. Few fans are aware that, before becoming the man known for verbally destroying contestants that underwhelmed him, he was a contestant on the obscure talent show “Sale of the Century.” His fondness for the format, along with his notion that controversy garners attention, inspired him to create the “Got Talent” franchise, which has spawned over a hundred spin-offs, according to Cowell.

“America’s Got Talent: Extreme” was one such spin-off, which regrettably ended after only four episodes. The concept was the same as in previous incarnations, with a combination of the judges, host, and viewers voting for their favorite contestant. The only difference was that this version contained daredevil stunts. A horrific accident on the set resulted in the show being suspended indefinitely in 2021 and Cowell pulled the plug soon after.

Jonathan Goodwin, an experienced British stunt performer, had been in several U.K. television shows, including his own, “The Amazing Mr. Goodwin,” before competing on “America’s Got Talent: Extreme.” He was crushed between two automobiles after his stunt on “America’s Got Talent: Extreme” went horribly wrong. As a result, Goodwin was paralyzed from the waist down. “I wouldn’t wish it on anybody but I think that with all the physical challenges I’ve had in my life I’m uniquely adapted to dealing with it,” he said during an appearance on Loose Women (via the Daily Mail).

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