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TikTok will limit teen use of the app to one hour a day

TikTok will limit teen use of the app to one hour a day

Teens who join TikTok will be limited to one hour of use per dayas announced by the social network, but only for the time necessary for them to realize that they can change the settings manually.

The new default screen time restrictions will be enabled for all accounts known to belong to someone under 18 years of age. After the first hour of daily use, the app will notify them that their time is up, “to facilitate disconnection.”

Now the restriction can be changed or removed entirely in app settings. If the user removes the limit and continues to use the app for more than 100 minutes a day, he will be asked to set a new restriction, which according to TikTok, at least it will force you to make an active decision about its continued use.

Parents who want restrictions that cannot be overridden can use theThe app’s “family pairing” features, which allow you to link your own TikTok account to that of your children. These features have been updated to allow for stricter restrictions.

With a family pairing account, parents can set a custom screen time limit for your children that cannot be overridden. They can also set a custom programming to silence notifications, ensuring your kids aren’t disturbed late at night.

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