Thousands of divorcees have to give up 10 percent more as inflation rises

Ms. Turner said the jump in payments would put a strain on already strained household finances.

“While spouses’ maintenance orders are usually between £500 and £1,000 a month, a 10 per cent increase could be an additional £100 on top of already more expensive energy, fuel and food bills, at a time when income is unlikely to be as high. is high. have increased by the same amount,” she said.

Ms Turner said she had been working on a case claiming alimony for the marriage of £150,000 a year. This would cost the separated £15,150 extra if the full CPI increase were applied.

With inflation so high, a growing number of divorcees are asking for specific conditions in their alimony orders that will protect them from future increases, experts say.

Emily Brand of law firm Boodle Hatfield said: “One approach we are seeing is to limit the CPI increase in spouses’ maintenance obligations to 5 percent to provide some protection for the paying party. From our experience, this is endorsed by judges.”

Those receiving spousal support that won’t keep up with inflation may want to consider applying for an upward valuation to earn a raise worth potentially hundreds or thousands of pounds, she said.

Indexation generally does not apply to child maintenance orders, although the Child Support Service takes income increases into account.


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