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‘The White Lotus: Mike White Already Has Ideas for Season 3

HBO’s critically acclaimed The White Lotus is underway with season 2 in Sicily, and already there’s talk from creator Mike White about a possible season 3. The first episode of The White Lotus: Sicily opened with a premiere of 1.5 million viewers on Oct. 30, which is a 63% increase from the season 1 debut. So, it’s no surprise that White already has ideas for season 3. 

HBO did not yet renew ‘The White Lotus’ for season 3

Although HBO did not renew The White Lotus for season 3 yet, it doesn’t mean it will not happen. The season 2 renewal did not occur until days before the season 1 finale hit the streamer. With the viewership after only one episode, HBO will likely choose to renew the Mike White success for another season. 

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