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The Walking Dead: Dead City Releases New Trailer Showing Negan and Maggie’s Unlikely Alliance

A new trailer for The Walking Dead: Dead City has delivered a thrilling look at the Jeffrey Dean Morganand Lauren Cohan-led spin-off show. With the pair last being seen in the finale of the flagship show last year, there has been a lingering question over how the former mortal enemies end up together in New York City. That is something that is partially addressed in the latest teaser for the first new Walking Dead offering of the year. Check it out below.

The Walking Dead: Dead City is probably one of the most highly anticipated projects to come from the zombie franchise for a long while. Putting Morgan’s Negan front and center of the new series is probably one of the best things that could have happened, as the character is one of the things that kept those who stuck with the the main series interested in it. Teaming him up with Cohen’s Maggie gives the kind of character dynamics that only come along on very rare occasions, and it is something that fans can’t wait to see.

It would be a dark day before Maggie would ever consider enlisting the help of Negan for any task, but it seems that the kidnap of her son Hershel is one such event that triggers their unlikely road trip. There is currently very little known about the actual plot, or where the pair will be at the end of the adventure in the Big Apple.

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Will Dead City Reignite Interest in The Walking Dead?


Like any long-running TV series, The Walking Dead reached a peak in its story that was hard to ever match, and from there it was a downhill slide until the end inevitably arrives. By the time the finale rolled out last year, the show was receiving just over 2 million viewers, which is a long way away from around 17 million who tuned in for the start of Negan’s reign of terror in the series back in season 7.

With Negan being a consistent crowd-pleaser across the latter half of The Walking Dead’s 11 season run, it is not surprising that the spin-offs kick of with a show that is going to feature more of the character’s tough attitude and iconic one-liners. Whether it will be enough to bring back some of the lost viewers to the franchise is yet to be seen, but it will certainly give a good indication of how well other Walking Dead universe shows will fare.

AMC have thrown a lot of trust in The Walking Dead franchise to continue to deliver for them in the coming year. Following the conclusion of Dead City, further spin-offs focusing on Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon and the long awaited return of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, who will be reunited with Danai Gurira’s Michonne, will be coming to keep The Walking Dead on screens until at least 2024. Additionally, the final season of Fear The Walking Dead is coming, along with a second anthology series similar to last year’s Tales of the Walking Dead, all of which means that there are going to be more Walking Dead projects now that at any other point in the franchise’s history.

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