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‘The Vampire Diaries’: Liz Forbes Should Have Lost Her Badge in Season 1

One of the most beloved characters from The Vampire Diaries is Caroline’s mom, Liz Forbes. She was initially introduced as the Sheriff of the vampire-ridden town of Mystic Falls and stayed on the force until her death in season 6. But considering she failed to be a good cop, it’s safe to think that Liz Forbes should have lost her badge in season 1.

In ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Liz Forbes tried her best to keep Mystic Falls safe

Liz Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) is introduced in the first season of The Vampire Diaries. She’s the Sheriff of Mystic Falls and the mother of Elena Gilbert’s (Nina Dobrev) best friend, Caroline Forbes (Candace Accola). She grew up in Mystic Falls. And as a member of the Town Council, she’s aware of the growing vampire threat. 

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