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The Shadow And Bone Books Are Extremely Complex – By Streamlining It, Netflix Has Ruined The Series

So, Netflix left Bardugo’s “Shadow and Bone” trilogy in shameful tatters. But what about the “Six of Crows” duology? After all, most of what is seen in the live-action series is meant to be prequel content inspired by the flashbacks. It can’t be that bad right? 

Wrong! Somehow, hilariously, the Dregs of Ketterdam received a worse mangling than the Sun Summoner herself. Nina Zenik (Danielle Galligan) and Matthias Helvar (Calahan Skogman) are broadly permitted to exist in chronological order but the rest of the Crows, Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter), Inej Ghafa (Amita Suman), Jesper Fahey (Kit Young), and Wyland Van Eck (Jack Wolfe) are floundering in a vortex of confusion — and it’s because Netflix adapted their stories out of order. Events which are meant to occur in the present during Book 4 are occurring in Season 2 of “Shadow and Bone” alongside events which were presented as flashback exposition. For a little bit of flavor, the Dregs are also experiencing character arcs and heists from Book 5! Just in case it isn’t clear, the main plot of Book 4 has not happened yet … and Netflix is already ransacking its sequel for spare parts.

Inej isn’t supposed to secure her freedom until the ending of “Crooked Kingdom.” Jesper and Wyland aren’t supposed to fall in love until the second book, either. What’s more, like Alina and Mal, the Dregs spend at least half of their screen time experiencing entirely new story lines. Sankta Neyar (Tuyen Do) and her fancy sword are nowhere to be found in any of the books that “Shadow and Bone” technically adapts.

Outside of the infamous Ice Court Job, there’s precious little left of the “Six of Crows” duology for Netflix to use.

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