The Ramatu I know

Dr. Ramatu Tijani Aliyu

The countdown to May 29 is by the corner and many are anxiously waiting for the special day with bated breath.

Many political jobbers are on the prowl using social media to sell themselves to the President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

This is expected though, as politicians always want to outdo themselves in the race for relevance.

That is why the media space is loaded with lists of suggested ministers and key political offices.

But some of them have forgotten or pretend to ignore that Tinubu, the new president as from May 29, is more knowledgeable than they may be portraying him.

If his antecedents are anything to go by, then for you to be part of his team means you have to have certain qualities and criteria in place.

What should Tinubu be looking out for in those he will be working with?

These are but not limited to commitment, diligence, loyalty, competence and a history devoid of unnecessary controversy  

Also, you have to show case what you have contributed or what did you contribute to his victory. 

And most importantly, What can any of them contribute to his presidency. 

Already, job seekers are sending emissaries  and where possible visit under the guise of  visitation.

Some lists of potential cabinet candidates are already flying about but virtually some names keep recurring among the outgoing ministers.

And these names all have the listed criteria. These are Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola, Ministers of state for Labour, Festus Keyamo and Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu.

Each of these without doubt has proven by their actions and deeds that the spirit of Jagaban is in them..

For the purpose of this write up, let us look at them one after the other starting with Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu, the Minister of State for FCT

She is a quintessential party faithful who puts everything she has in the success of the party and especially the party’s presidential candidate.

Ramatu is a young, vibrant woman who suffers no fools a bit as she thinks Nigeria and the progress of the country. 

When you meet her, you see a workaholic party faithful who gives prominence to national issues and desires for a better Nigeria.

Politicians are seldom known to think of tomorrow. It is statesmen who do so. She falls in the latter category as her thoughts are how things should work well for the growth of the country.

It was in quest for a better Nigeria that she identified the genius and a goal getter in Jagaban that she put everything at her disposal in the campaign for the success of the Tinubu presidency.

She described Jagaban as a political colossus, a nationalist, a talent hunter, a strategist, an enigma and a man with a heart of a giant and with political acumen recognised by all in the political divide.

This passionate political Princess of Kogi state has proven that success is no respecter of gender but only favours hard work, tenacity and purpose. She combines beauty with brains. And she adds value to whatever and wherever she finds herself.

It wasn’t easy as many fought her for her resolute in ensuring the success and acceptability of her party among the women folk.

For her resilience and doggedness, President Muhammad Buhari felt she deserved to be appreciated and listed her among the 44 ministerial nominees.

Twice her name was dropped from the list and the president, wondering what was going on, wrote her name with his pen, before she could scale through.

Not deterred, however, she came prepared and hit the ground running. She brought innovation into ministry administration. And today, the secretariats under her are setting the pace in FCTA.

As a minister, she shook hands with destiny with her appointment and with a Midas touch, she is leaving behind a transformed FCT administration.

As a serving minister, she has shown rare promise, penetrating vision and a clear grasp of issues that are enabling her discharge the various responsibilities of her office, despite teething challenges.

Success is not accidental, she will tell you, neither is it served a la carte; you have to go for it! Whether you are a man or woman, young or old, the only thing that separates leaders from others, winners from losers, is their dedication and perseverance in bringing true change into anything they do

She can conveniently say she has and is maneuvering through the corridors of power in Kogi state, FCT and Nigeria with ease.

Tirelessly, she soldiered on, initiated reforms and fortifying capacity, building measures that have yielded fruits.

To underscore her commitment to serving the public good, she has weathered the political waters and is still in good standing. 

She has paid her dues, or will it be more appropriate to say, she is paying her dues on the political turf.

Indeed, with a new dawn on the horizon beckoning, Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu may be leaving an indelible footprint on the sands of time as an irrepressible Amazon of change and an astute administrator. 

That is the Ramatu I know.

Abdul writes from Abuja via [email protected]

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