The Owl House’s Third (and Final) Season Premiere in October

The main cast of Disney Animation's The Owl House.

Image: Disney Animation

Disney’s The owl house managed to really find a place for itself in the current era of Western animation, and a fan base that grew when the second season aired (in stops and starts, naturally). The good news is that the show will return in October for season three. The bad news is that it will be the show’s final season.

Creator Dana Terrace confirmed that Owl House’s The third season will premiere on October 15, fitting just in time for Halloween. Instead of multiple episodes spread out over the season as before, season three will consist of a trio of 44-minute specials (aka six mid-length episodes). But this October 1 special is the only one for the rest of 2022, as specials two and three will premiere sometime in 2023. However, there is one bright spot in all of this, and it is that the show will be in New York. York Comic-Con that same month! The first (and unfortunately last) panel will be on October 6, the week before the show’s return.

There are quite a few things the show has to tackle in terms of plot, so it will be interesting (albeit bittersweet) to see how it all wraps up in such a short amount of time. And speaking of time…

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We skipped a bit of time, as everyone’s new clothes and hairstyles make clear. The last time we saw Luz Noceda and the rest of her group, they found themselves stuck in the human realm after the mischievous god known as the Collector was willing to wreak some sort of havoc on the Boiling Isles, and utterly depressed after them their friends and family. The Season Three teaser poster shows the entire gang – Luz, Amity, Hunter, Gus, Willow – along with Luz’s mother Camila and Vee, a shape-shifter who’s been pretending to be Luz in the human kingdom for months.

In the background of the poster lurks Belos, who literally shot the Collector into goo in the final moments of the finale. But a piece of Belos goo made the journey into the human realm with the teens, and he’ll be another problem they’ll face before finally finding their way back to the Boiling Isles to save everyone.

How are they going to do that in a satisfying way? I think we’ll know in 28 days. Meanwhile, the first two seasons of The owl house are right on Disney+ and other platforms, in case one wants to do a rewatch.

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