The new government should be wary of recycling politicians for appointments

The 2023 election has exposed the despotism of our political system. The voting pattern was a clear indication that citizens are tired of these same people who haven’t impacted their lives positively in any way.It wasn’t business as usual, where people will vote and be abandoned only to be revisited after every four years.We have seen the outright rejection of political Whigs, most could not deliver their polling units talk more of their constituencies. 

We have witnessed the fall of long term Senators that have been in the Senate for decades but could not retain their seats because they did not do the barest minimum for the people who elected them, serving governors who failed to deliver their states, governors who could not win their Senatorial seat and a party Chairman who couldn’t deliver his polling unit.

Most of these politicians have been in the system since they were in their thirties, being loyal and disloyal as the administration change hands, out of desperation to cling to power, jumping from one political party to the other pending on political rhythm of the season, an act which depicts lack of patriotism to political affiliation. 

At a young age some of these politicians were opportune to be governors and ministers, some were recently stake holders in the outgoing administration but are still here sponsoring daily articles, lobbying and clamouring for same or key positions in a Government they tried hard to sabotage.

Isn’t this itself a loud indication of their failure? Does it mean they are the only ones capable of doing the job? What haven’t they tried all these years that they intend to present now? Haven’t they mentored anyone? Isn’t it obvious they have lost political value? What have they and what can they bring to the table?

The President-elect is someone whom the young generation look up to, a breath of fresh air, seeing his selection and what he has done with Lagos and young people he has groomed over the years, not like other politicians, especially in the north were they want to retain their seats forever or make it an inheritance system by passing it and imposing their sons, wives, husbands and daughters. When will the son of the common man become somebody?

As the campaign slogan implies “Renewed Hope” The younger generation is hopeful the change we all desire for is here.The task ahead of the newly Elected APC Government is to ensure it paves the way for an overhaul of the system of Governance in the country, there is urgent need for the system to halt recycling political game players.

A study conducted reveals that the only way to harmonies challenges is for the in-coming government under the ruling party, APC, to ensure equity by retiring all the politicians that bootlicks it’s corridors seeking national appointments and bringing in new breeds of younger generations, in order to tactically inject hope into the youthfulness of the greater tomorrow.

We hope Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu can become the messiah we all are awaiting by limiting his appointments based on capacity and delivery. We are categorically saying that all Ex-Governors, Ex-Ministers, Ex-Senators, Ex-Diplomats etc shouldn’t be considered for any appointment, They should remain elder statesmen and advisors.

Young people with capacity and fresh ideas should be given a chance.This is a great concern for all who matter in the society, unless the camp of the old political retirees is hampered, there won’t be equity and justice for the upcoming new breeds of politicians that can keep the flag flying.

Our leaders therefore, must be tasked with making good governance the driving force of our politics as we transition to a new administration. 

Bola Ahmed Tinubu should make it work in order to renew the hope of the citizens.

*Salamatu is a political analyst, she wrote in from Abuja.

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