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The ‘Mister Ed’ Horse, Bamboo Harvester, Learned to Move His Mouth on His Own

Not all classic shows would make it today, and Mister Ed may be one of those shows. Although the TV series still has plenty of fans, the special effects leave a little to be desired compared to what’s been accomplished since the 1960s. But at the time, viewers were impressed by how the horse moved his lips to make it look like he was talking. How did they train him to do that?

‘Mister Ed’ aired in the 1960s

MISTER ED Alan Young plays Wilbur Post with Mr. Ed. Image dated 1964. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images

In 1961, when Mister Ed debuted on CBS, it was destined to be a classic. According to Encyclopedia, the series was a comedy centered around a horse that could talk and had plenty of wisdom to share. It was on the air until 1966, airing reruns for years after. 

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