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The Impractical Jokers Have A System To Make Sure The Focus Group Skits Are As Real As Possible

Even though the “Impractical Jokers” crew has fallen into a routine over the past decade-plus, and longtime staple Joe Gatto has decided to leave the series behind, the passion of those behind the show hasn’t dissipated one bit. During an interview with Forbes, Murr, Brian “Q” Quinn, and Sal Vulcano expressed their enduring love for the program as it traversed its ninth season. Murr told the publication, “The show is still hysterically funny, and we still cry laughing almost every day. So as long as we feel like we’re still doing good work, we’ll keep doing the work.”

Expanding on that point, he adds that the entire behind-the-scenes team has become like one giant family, so they feel a sense of duty to not only keep the show entertaining but ensure those working on it remain employed. At the time of this writing, “Impractical Jokers” is in the midst of its 10th season, having taken to bringing on celebrity guests in Gatto’s absence. It stands to reason that it won’t be the last batch of episodes, either, bearing in mind just how popular the series and its now-trio of hosts have become.

“Impractical Jokers” is nothing short of a small screen juggernaut, so expect many more years of meticulously planned challenges — including hilarious focus groups — to come.

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