The farmer sold 512 kg of onions and earned only Rs 2

Mumbai: A farmer in India got only Rs 2 for selling 512 kg of onions, the trader who bought the onions said it was of poor quality.

According to details, a farmer of Solapur tehsil of Maharashtra state of India was shocked and disappointed when he came to know that he got a profit of only Rs.

According to Indian media, 63-year-old farmer Rajinder Chauhan, a resident of Solapur, said that his onion production cost at the Solapur market yard was Rs 1 per kg and after all deductions, he got this meager amount as his net profit.

According to the farmer, the trader gave him a rate of Rs 100 per quintal (100 kg). The total weight of his onions was 512 kg, which cost Rs 512 and less than Rs 2.50 after deductions.

He said that the APMC businessman deducted Rs 509.50 more from the total amount of Rs 512 towards transportation charges, head loading and weighing charges.

On the other hand, the owner of Surya Traders told the media that the onions brought for auction were of low quality. Last time Chauhan brought high quality onions which were sold at Rs 18 per kg, after which he was paid Rs 14 per kg for the onions he brought.

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