The coronation of King Charles III passionately divides our readers

D-2 before the historic coronation of King Charles III in London, 70 years after that of his mother Queen Elizabeth II. Preparations are well underway across the Channel. The United Kingdom is preparing for three intense days of festivities. And the whole world is preparing to follow the event live on television… well, almost. In France, the ceremony is debated. Of English origin but having escaped the heavy heaviness of this ‘royal’ family of dysfunctional cranks for almost 40 years, I would rather stick a white-hot iron in my eyes than watch for a minute this wanton pantomime which turns around a consanguineous family”, indignant Agnès*.

Same opinion on the side of Bernadette, however more compassionate. “The monarchy has no meaning for me, there is no point in watching these people who think they are above others since birth,” she explains. They don’t make me dream, their life is far from easy and I wouldn’t want them even for money. Stéphane, for his part, regrets that the media coverage of an event abroad is so extensive. “Let us remember that a king is nothing but a vestige of a bygone past. They have no legitimacy and there is no reason for them to maintain a regime of privileges for a petty oligarchy. Not to mention the particularly unacceptable tax status of Charles. »

Nothing is forgiven the future king, let alone his attitude towards Diana. “I do not understand that the English cried for the princess and that they are now going to applaud Camilla, they forget quickly, deplores Catherine. No way for me to follow the coronation of this king of tricks and even less of this queen of junk while everything is going badly in England. »

Royal quiche on the menu

“Camilla is a usurper, Charles an unfaithful husband, I hate the first, and despise the second,” says Armand. However, the fan of the royal family will not refrain from following the event on Saturday. “He is the future sovereign of the United Kingdom and as such he deserves respect. I will follow the coronation because it is historic, but with a thought for Diana, the only one who should have been legitimate queen. Camilla will always be a ”consort” to me. »

As for fans of royalty and The Crown, no question of missing a crumb of “coronation day”. “I booked my tickets for London at the end of October. I am 33 years old and I have been passionate about the British monarchy since my early childhood, says Jérôme. Being a Christian, I am also sensitive to the fact that the king is sacred. He doesn’t just have a title, his life is a priesthood at the service of an entire people. I believe this all makes sense. Organizer of a “street party” on Sunday, the day after the coronation, Matthieu will also be at the heart of the festivities. “I have lived in London for ten years, my parents come to visit me for the occasion and experience the event with me. We’re going to see the parade and then we’ll enjoy the pubs on Saturday night. »

In France too, some have planned to celebrate. Chez Julie*, the royal quiche will be on the menu. “Of course we’re going to watch, it’s historic. I even planned to make the ”coronation quiche” to be totally in the theme. “Marie-Christine also will not miss a crumb of the event (and not of the quiche): “Yes I will follow the coronation. It’s so rare to relive those great moments of yesteryear. And then, when I was 10, I dreamed of marrying Charles! “It is missed for this time…

*Names have been changed

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