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The 7 Best And 7 Worst Episodes Of Avengers Assemble

Finally introducing Falcon, one of the show’s best characters, onto the Avengers team, “Ghost of a Chance” is the series’ third episode and one of its worst. The episode opens with Iron Man introducing Falcon to the Avengers at the Avengers Tower, but things start to get weird when Hawkeye doesn’t recognize Falcon despite their multiple prior encounters. As time goes on, they realize that the Avengers are being replaced by interdimensional beings that copy and replace people, essentially sending their prey off to an alternate dimension while they pretend to be them.

The episode seems to take inspiration from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” but doesn’t incorporate any of the paranoia that makes that story so interesting. It’s easy to identify replaced Avengers, and the switches just lead to one corny battle after another. The episode should have utilized the copies to invoke more confusion among the team as they try to figure out who has been replaced, which would make the audience second-guess themselves. Luckily, Falcon proves to be a strong lead, and as the only one who never gets replaced, it’s hard not to root for the rookie as he proves himself worthy of his new title.

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