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The 11 Best Meta Moments In The Scream Movies

One of the most significant meta moments in the franchise comes in “Scream 3.” But unlike the rest, it’s unintentional and tragic. 

The subplot of the third movie revolves around Sidney and Gale gradually peeling back the layers of Sidney’s mother’s history to discover that she had briefly worked in Hollywood, been the victim of sexual misconduct by a famous producer, and given birth to that producer’s child in secret. Unfortunately for “Scream 3,” that plot would parallel real-world events that directly affected the series.

The third “Scream” came out in 2000, well before the very public, #MeToo recriminations for sexual misconduct that rocked Hollywood in and around 2020. In something of an ironic twist, that movement was largely fueled by Rose McGowan’s accusations against Harvey Weinstein — she, a star of the original “Scream” and he, a producer for the first four movies.

In an onscreen version of events that now feel eerily familiar, the storyline between producer Milton and Sidney’s mother ultimately ended in murder, secret children, and the bad guy never standing trial for his crimes. Real-world events ended perhaps somewhat more satisfying, as Weinstein is now serving an extended sentence in prison.

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