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Ted Lasso: Brett Goldstein's Eyebrows Are A Dead Giveaway In The Writers Room

When writers were breaking the story for “Ted Lasso” Season 1, Brett Goldstein had the luxury of not being cast yet. His official casting as Roy Kent would come later, after sending his team a self-tape audition for the character. But when pitching stories with the rest of the team later down the line, Goldstein knew he had to be conscious about not favoring the character he portrayed.

“I love all the characters equally,” Goldstein assured Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show,” before adding as a side note: “a little more Roy.” Attempting to avoid any bias toward the fan-favorite character, the writer went on to explain that he does his best not to pitch Roy storylines, despite his obvious expertise in the character’s psyche. According to other writers in the room, however, this doesn’t do much to solve the problem. They always know if Goldstein approves a Roy story, no matter what.

“I was told by one of our writers that whenever they pitch something for Roy, they look at me and they can tell by my eyebrows if I like it or not,” Goldstein continued. He explained that while he tries to keep his face impassive, the angle of his head seems to be the indicator that gives him away. Even in the confines of a professional setting, Goldstein still can’t help the classic Roy glare that breaks through.

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