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Taylor Sheridan Used Real-Life Interactions With His 1923 Actors When Writing Their Characters

Brandon Sklenar went on to explain that Taylor Sheridan’s tendency to incorporate real-life interactions into characters occurs with every actor on the show, meaning that every one of them has the opportunity to influence their character through their real-life personality. This isn’t the first time that Sheridan has made an effort to blend fiction and reality in the “Yellowstone” franchise, particularly when casting the actors who would work on the original series’ Dutton ranch. 

Ranch hands like Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith), Ethan (Ethan Lee), and Jake (Jake Ream) are all played by real life cowboys with experience in horseback riding and ranch work. Jake Ream, in particular, worked his way up from real-life wrangler to supporting cast due to his close relationship with Sheridan himself.

Whether he’s recruiting real-life cowboys or turning actor quirks into character traits, it’s clear that Sheridan makes an effort to combine reality and fiction whenever he’s writing. One has to believe that’s part of the reason why “Yellowstone” and “1923” are packed with so many compelling characters.

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