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Tathata Golf Reviews

Tathata Golf Reviews: Isn’t it possible to enhance your golf game without ever having to putt? In light of the numerous advertisements, you may be asking yourself: “What is Tathata Golf??” Do you think it’s just another golf industry gimmick? If you’re prepared to put in the time and effort, I can assure you that it works. For more information on the 60-Day Training Program, read this Tathata Golf Review.

Tathata Golf Reviews

You may learn how to move your body in harmony with a golf club in your own home with the Tathata Golf Program, which has been designed for players of all skill levels. Stretches and mental exercises are included in this martial arts-inspired training program. The best players in the history of the game will be studied in detail, down to their individual motions. Many of golf’s greatest names have been mentioned, including Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, and Greg Norman. A man by the name of Bryan Hepler, who has been involved in golf his entire life, came up with the idea for the program.

Golfers will learn how to use their bodies in unison with the golf club in order to play strokes with more speed, accuracy, and power thanks to the Tathata Golf Program. Bryan Hepler’s analogy of the swing to other sports and the instinctive nature of most sports fascinates me. Golf, on the other hand, should remain the same, but recent years have seen it become tremendously overcomplicated.

Describe Tathata Golf’s offerings. The Tathata Golf Program consists of seven chapters, each of which builds on the previous one. Compared to the original legacy software, the new one has a few tweaks, but overall, the movements are simpler. Additionally, golfers can work on their swing mechanics on the Uneven Lies, Trajectory, Shape, and Strength course.

My Participation in the Program

I got this program in September 2017 after being a little hesitant and decided to give it a go. A new version of the software is now available. There is no longer a “legacy” version of the program that I used. Tathata Golf’s revitalized program has only been around for a few months. There are some minor differences between this and the prior application, but the core is still fairly similar. Having gotten my game to a respectable level prior to the initial program, I was well aware that my biggest weakness was a lack of consistency when it came to striking the ball.

Tathata Golf Reviews
Tathata Golf Reviews

My short game kept me in it, and I’m looking forward to playing some golf in the new year with Tathata Golf Training’s more consistent ball striking. I came up with the 60-day Training Program for golfers of all skill levels because he thought there has to be an easier approach. I am a full-time employee and struggle to find time to play golf. Driving range practice shows that my ball striking has improved a great deal since I started the program, and I now swing the golf club in a synced manner with my body. Although I had a 2 handicap in the past due to a decent short game, my golf swing was primarily based on my arms.

Preparation and Effort

The setup is the first thing you’ll learn in the Tathata Golf Program. Golfers have a far better chance of hitting the ball consistently if the setup is proper. Get a handle on how to approach the golf ball with a burst of energy and see how it translates to other sports.

Bodily Actions

Several of golf’s all-time greats demonstrate their body motions in detail in Chapter 2. After completing the original program, I believe that the Body Movements section of the program is the most important. A golfer’s ball striking and consistency will improve greatly if he or she learns how the body moves during the golf swing. Often, students don’t see this as a way out of thinking about swing mechanics early on, but it’s a critical step in improving your game.

Tathata Golf Reviews

Movements within the Club: The golf club is introduced when the right body motions have been mastered. As a result, students begin to challenge their prior assumptions about where the golf club should be in relation to the body at various points in the golf swing. The best golfers of all time have lent their support to every effort. The golf club will return to the correct impact position if the player moves their body appropriately during the swing and applies the correct pressure. This part teaches and explains the proper grip and pressure to use throughout the swing.

Tathata Golf Reviews
Tathata Golf Reviews


Tathata Golf also includes a stretching practise to assist pupils in getting into the appropriate positions throughout the golf swing, though. If you’ve had any prior injuries, I’d be cautious before beginning the programme. Ten minutes is all it takes to complete the stretches, which are simple and don’t require any equipment.

Developing Your Mind

The Tathata Golf Program includes a portion on mental training as well. Even if this element of the training isn’t for everyone, it can do wonders for those who are willing to try something new.

Discussions that Go a Little Bit Deeper

Additionally, Tathata’s Golf Program includes a section on common misconceptions about the Golf Swing. As a student, this has always been one of my favourites. To put it another way, Bryan Hepler presents each chapter in an authoritative manner supported by years of research. Grip, targeting, and swing plane are a few of the topics covered early on in the show.

The Tathata TV

The Tathata Team meets weekly to answer queries from students around the world about Tathata Training courses. On a recent edition of Tathata TV, I posed a question concerning golf equipment, and the answer I received was excellent. If you’re curious, the episode aired on December 5th.


That’s what I’m saying. I was unable to complete the programme due to a lack of time. It’s true that I’d be more inclined to complete this programme during the winter months. While the exercises in the programme are detailed and easy, Hepler does an excellent job of guiding you through each one with precision. The video tutorials are easy to follow and appear to be of benefit to the students.

Tathata Golf Reviews
Tathata Golf Reviews

In addition, you can complete the programme in any part of your house because you are only allowed a certain amount of time to swing a golf club. The Tathata Golf’s mobility cannot be stressed, and it is a big advantage. There is also a great in-program dashboard. Any lesson can be re-watched, skipped to the next one, or reviewed in full for further information. I’ve never seen a golf training programme as comprehensive as this one. My main concern is how easily the knowledge can be digested by golfers of all skill levels and experience levels..


Tathata Golf is a great option for novices who are looking to learn the foundations of the sport for under $170. It’s also useful for more experienced players who have had difficulty with certain swing ideas in the past or simply want a refresher course. Tathata Golf’s end-game golf swing is solid and a blueprint that you should follow.

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