TAP's Cowry app: A game-changer in the Nigerian transportation industry?

According to statistics, Nigeria records over a million interstate trips daily, with 40% of those trips originating or ending in Lagos State. TAP’s digital technology offers an option for passengers to interact with the company’s state-of-the-art ticketing and booking system without the need for cash. The new digital system also prioritises environmental sustainability and enhances service delivery.

In partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation, TAP has also accredited and vetted all inter-city bus parks in the state, creating a unified system for regulating transportation routes, schedules, capacities, and prices. This partnership aims to enhance efficiency, safety, and security by introducing standard and licensed parks and a single dashboard for emergency and quick responses.

TAP’s proprietary software will manage and process payments for parks and transportation in the state, providing secure identification for its commuters and aggregating APIs into the Cowry Card mobile application. Under the partnership, TAP will provide efficient micro-transaction solutions to state governments, fleet owners, bus drivers, and union-management stakeholders to minimise revenue losses caused by outdated booking methods.

TAP’s Co-founder and CEO, Olamide Afolabi, expressed his pride in the new system, stating that TAP is proud to level the playing field when it comes to transportation in Lagos. The new app offers commuters convenience, enables transport providers to invest in enhancing interstate travel, and contributes to a more effective and comfortable public transportation system.

TAP’s innovation in this space promises to revolutionise interstate travel in Nigeria, making it more efficient, safer, and accessible for all. It also advances financial inclusion among the unbanked population with effective processing of micropayments ranging from 10 cents to $10.

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