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Superman Confirms Why His Glasses Are Key To His Secret Identity

The Superman family recently grew by two, as Kal-El and Lois Lane decided to adopt two young refugees. 

After Superman returned to Earth following his battles with Mongul on Warworld, he brought Otho-Ra and Osul-Ra back with him, and the Phaelosian twins were welcomed with open arms by the Superman Family. In “Action Comics 1052” by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Rafa Sandoval, Matt Herms, and Dave Sharpe from DC Comics, Superman reveals to these children why he wears glasses. This occurs in a heartwarming scene where Clark and Lois show Otho-Ra and Osul-Ra how to brush their teeth. While doing so, they see a pair of glasses and ask why Superman wears them when he isn’t saving worlds. 

Superman tells them that many of Earth’s heroes — including his fellow Justice League heroes — wear masks to protect their loved ones from those who want to hurt them the most. When asked whether Clark is his mask, Kal-El shares with the inquisitive youngsters that, “Actually, it’s the name that feels truest to me. But I’ve had to learn to keep Clark and Superman separate. ‘Superman’ was the name that Lois gave me.” 

Now, as we know, the hero intentionally makes sure his secret identity isn’t exposed with the help of his glasses. Who would ever expect a loafish, mild-mannered reporter secretly being the most powerful hero in the universe? But a key thing here, is that the glasses are the disguise, but Clark is not, and this taps into why Superman’s dual identity is more complicated than most heroes. 

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