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Starbucks Mickey Mouse Tumbler, Cup And Mug Ornaments 2022 Price And Where To Buy

As the Christmas is about to knock the doors, Starbucks has came up with a new idea to grab everyone’s attention, know about the Mickey Mouse tumbler and cup in 2022

As The brand is preparing to get into the mood of festivals, they just announced a new range of Cups for 2022 at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

The coffee chain offers you a wide variety of products in collaboration with Disney as they are featuring our beloved Micky Mouse alongside the famous mermaid logo in a several different designs.

Starbucks Mickey Mouse Tumbler And Mug Ornaments 2022 Price And Where To Buy

For those who want to have these mugs, here’s all the details that you might need to know about the Starbucks’ Micky Mouse mug ornament.

These mugs starts with a grandest Christmas Cup named Mickey Mouse Starbucks Holiday Tumbler.

This tumbler is priced at around $4.99 and is studded with Christmas colors red and green in a unique way.

The tumbler has a geometric print along with Mickey Mouse on one side and on the other side mermaid. It also comes with a twist on and off lid alongside with a reusable straw.

The second cup that Starbucks offering us is named as Holiday Metal Cup which comes in bush green and red lid.

The Mickey mouse holiday metal cup has a photo of Mickey mouse dresses in the Christmas season.

Mickey can be seen wearing a red sweater which has written ‘M’ over it, along with a Santa hat and pants. He is also seen wearing a green color scarf and brown shoes.

On the other side of the cup, simply Starbucks has written in their signature font.

This metal cup will cost around $29.99. It can be bought along with the previous Christmas tumbler.

Both tumbler can be purchased at the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom.

Apart from these big tumblers, the coffee franchise has also released mini mug ornament which can be used to hung on the Christmas tree as a decorative item.

These ornament mug are of white and red colors. They also have Mickey mouse on one side and mermaid in the other.

These ornament mug will cost you somewhat around $17.99. These mugs also have a Mickey mouse print wearing Santa hat and mermaid which is in usual green and white color.

Lastly, the brand is also offering a another unique tumbler which comes with a white and bright red lid.

This tumbler is decorated with Mickey’s images as Mickey is seen wearing Santa hat, quite similar to mug ornaments.

These metal tumbler are also priced at around $29.99. however, there isn’t any Starbucks branding onto this product.

Though the copyright messaging of the brand appears on the bottom of the mug.

These Starbucks holiday products and mug ornament alongside Santa hat metal tumbler can be purchased through Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kindly of Disney World.

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