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Star Trek: Picard's Brent Spiner Discusses The 'Risky' Data & Lore Scene

Despite the risk of taking no cuts and needing to instantly switch between the earnest Data and the worldly Lore, Spiner’s performance pays off with great success. Data absorbs Lore, and now Spiner is looking at what Data’s future would look like if he were to reappear in the “Star Trek” universe.

Season 3 of “Star Trek: Picard” marks the end of the series, despite the cliffhanger that finds Q (John de Lancie) paying a visit to Jean-Luc and Beverly’s son, Jack (Ed Speleers). But Brent Spiner has some thoughts about the return of Lore if there was ever a continuation of the series. He told, “But I would think if it [the show] went on, it would be inconceivable for it not to come out and come to the surface occasionally and have to be dealt with and grappled with.”

Season 3 finds Data coming to terms with more human emotions and even talking about his difficult transition during a counseling session with Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) during the series’ final episode. And this exploration of his human self is something that Spiner would like to see Data explore even further. “Well, right now I think he’s still not comfortable with being human. I think that’s where he could go.” Spiner noted that Data’s transformation from pure artificial intelligence to an android with mostly human capabilities is something that “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry planned for during “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

As for continuing Data outside of “Star Trek: Picard,” Spiner said that he would be open to joining his friends again for another adventure or — cheekily — doing a series on his own.

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