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Star Trek: Picard Finale Post-Credits Scene Explained

Ed Speelers has already confirmed the potential for a Jack Crusher spin-off, but the post-credits scene in “Star Trek: Picard” appears to confirm that such a project is in the works. In an interview with Cinema Blend in February, Speelers confirmed that he’s spoken to showrunner Terry Matalas about Jack’s future, saying, “He’s got a lot of ideas about it. I’m not gonna lie because I’m proud of the fact that Terry and I discussed this almost every day for the last eighteen months, what could happen.” The actor also noted, “There are definitely more stories to be told if we’re given the opportunity to tell them. And I know that Terry has bucketloads of ideas.”

It appears Jack Crusher’s first challenge as the heir to Jean-Luc Picard’s legacy will be facing off against the dastardly Q. It’s a fitting rite of passage for Crusher since the inaugural episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” introduced Captain Picard to fans by pitting him against Q in the “Encounter at Farpoint” storyline. Therein, Q acts as judge and jury for the human race, reminding Picard of humanity’s crimes and our history of violence. The final episode of “The Next Generation,” titled “All Good Things,” bookended the series with another trial from Q.

Will Jack Crusher face similar judgment, or will his trial by Q be of a different nature entirely? That’s the mystery posed by the “Star Trek: Picard” finale in its post-credits scene, and one that fans likely won’t have an answer to until the next time we see Jack Crusher.

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