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Some Fire Country Fans Think Manny Is A Red Herring For The Arsonist

Manny has come a long way since he was one of the inmates working at Three Rock, but he’s not out of the weeds completely. He’s a recovering gambling addict who’s deep in debt. Last week’s episode, an installment titled “False Promises,” showed that he’s even working a second job on a fishing boat to help pay off the money he owes. On one hand, it makes sense that officials would want to clear him of all wrongdoing. On the other hand, viewers couldn’t help but point out that Manny doesn’t have much of a motive.

Manny values his daughter and his job more than anything, so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for him to put those things in jeopardy without some kind of payday. “I think he’s a red herring for the arsonist,” wrote Reddit user u/heed101. “If the investigation turned up his debt it might move the spotlight to Manny, but he doesn’t stand to profit from these fires unless he was being paid; but if he’s being paid, why is he working a fishing boat on his off days?” Other fans felt similarly. “Finally, Manny for the arson? As discussed here before, overtime is overtime whether there are fires or not, so he has no motive,” said Reddit user u/nylanderfan.

“Fire Country” fans aren’t convinced that Jake is the arsonist, either. The narrative continues to point fingers, but the suspect pool seems to be shrinking.

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