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Sizzling Inferno Facts That Only Major Robert Langdon Fans Will Know

The adventures of Langdon in the book series and on the big screen have never really synced up, in terms of the timeline. That’s because the character was first introduced in Dan Brown’s 2000 novel “Angels and Demons,” a modest success. It wasn’t until the sequel, “The Da Vinci Code,” that the series became bestsellers across the world. 

When Hollywood came calling, they did so with the intention of making a movie based on “The Da Vinci Code.” After that film was a success, “Angels and Demons” became its cinematic sequel. But don’t get too confused — these alternating sequels and prequels work because each Langdon book is largely a self-contained adventure — aside from the main character, there are few connections that threaten continuity.

Further complicating matters, however, is “Inferno.” In the books, “Inferno” is Langdon’s fourth adventure, following “The Lost Symbol.” But in the movies, it is Langdon’s third adventure, following “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons.” In acknowledgement, there’s even a throwaway line in “Inferno” where Langdon says the Vatican hates him, a reference to the events of the previous two films.  

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